How Powell River changed my life


The exact spot in Powell River that changed my life 
Have you ever visited a place and just been blown away by it? I mean, totally and utterly awe-struck by its beauty? That happened to me a couple of years ago when my husband and I first visited Canada. We were immediately struck by how friendly the people were... genuinely friendly, you know? It wasn't just that of course, it was the natural surroundings that just took my breath away.
One particular spot had such a profound effect on me, in fact, that it inspired me to begin writing a whole series of books. That spot was located in Powell River, British Columbia.
We'd driven all the way across from Banff (not all in one go, mind you!) so we'd seen our share of gorgeous locations, but when we stopped and got out of the car, we decided we'd have a picnic. So we carried our food down to the shore and sat on these massive pieces of driftwood that were scattered all over the beach. I'm pretty sure I barely ate anything because I was too busy falling in love.
It was breathtaking... but it was also so inspirational. There was an air of mystery to it too which made me imagine all kinds of weird and wonderful possibilities. After reading, watching and falling in love with the Twilight series, I could imagine supernatural events happening right there in Powell River.
I wanted changelings, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and more, all to have a place in what would later be known as The Raven Saga. It would centre around a young girl who moves to Powell River after her parents disappear and discovers she is part of a supernatural world. The first book, Raven, is out now. You can buy it here, and the second, December Moon will be out in September.
It was that little beach in Powell River that inspired me to write The Raven Saga. In fact, it changed my life. It made me realise my dream. The dream that I can write books that excite people, books that people want to read. I've already had messages from readers desperate to read the sequel! I'd like to thank Powell River for that.


  1. WOW! I am lucky enough to live in Powell River and I think this is pretty cool. You should definitely get hard copies into Breakwater Books, the local independent bookstore. Pollen Sweaters in Lund also carries a small selection of local-focus books. Fantastic!! :D

  2. Thanks for the invite to drop by and see how Powell River changed your life. I agree with bk about getting books available locally. You might not think so, but Coles in the mall is a great partner for local authors. Corinne, the manager, would be glad to get you started.

    We felt the same way about Powell River the first time we came for a visit. We bought our cabin and haven't wanted to leave since. It has also inspired Wayne to write his Coastal BC series of books.

    I've always thought Powell River had some supernatural aspects. You know the Powell Lake is over 1000 feet deep. You can only imagine what might me down there. It was really exciting to take a water sample from that far down. The trapped sea water dates back to the ice age.


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post! Your advice is much appreciated and I will certainly look into it!
    WOW... Powell Lake is over 1000 feet deep... I can feel more ideas coming on now!!
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes

  4. Very cool! I'd love to visit that area. I used to run a bookstore and I know how important local authors are:
    How neat that you had two commenters who were familiar with the area and best of luck on your new release.

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