Trailer Parks: YA and chick lit


I adore book trailers, especially YA book trailers. There are so many different varieties of them yet sometimes they can be a little hard to find so.... drum roll please (!).......
I've created a blog dedicated to all those wonderful YA book trailers out there. I already have about 15 trailers on-site and they were all sent to me yesterday (the wonders of twitter, eh?!)
So, if you have a YA book trailer you'd like to add, send me an email with the link to the Youtube video and a link to your own website. All I ask in return is for you to follow me on both blogs, twitter and facebook and spread the word about the YA Trailer Park wherever you can.
I will obviously continue to promote it and hopefully gather as many YA book lovers to check it out as often as possible!
I spent many hours yesterday trying to find the perfect template for the blog. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I've settled for this, for now. But expect it to change in the future.... to something that'll knock your socks off!! (ok, ok, I'm just getting a bit carried away now!)

Since I wrote the above, I decided we needed the same thing for chick lit (another passion of mine!) so I've gone and spent a few too many hours today coming up with the Chick Lit Trailer Park.
Any chick lit / romance writers that have book trailers they would like featured, please send me the links!

NB. Since posting, I've re-designed both sites because I wanted them to be more unique... I decided to try and create my own headers and I got a bit carried away but it was fun. I hope you like them both!

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