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Hey Suzy, thanks for the chance to come talk on your blog. Lately I’ve been asked a bit about my main character, Josh, and how he came to be. I’m getting ready to post Josh’s story on my blog or maybe make it into a short story..haven’t really decided yet. But I thought I would share with you and your readers a bit of how Josh came to be.
First of all, he is based on a real life person. I won’t share the last name but Josh lives in California with his family. I met him while playing an MMO called World of Warcraft. I got addicted and played for a couple of years. Josh was one of the few players that could tolerate me and my slowness. We got to be great on-line friends even though we are about 30 years difference in age. 

For those of you that have never had a good on-line friend you can’t possibly understand what its like to know someone so completely but to never have met them in person. Josh was going through some difficult times moving out on his own, starting up school, getting his first job and I helped him through all that. At the same time he helped me with some personal stuff.
By the end of it all, Josh’s personality began to take shape when I started thinking about writing Wizard of Time. I knew I wanted to include his personality both on and off game and I knew he would be the hero. As it turned out, Josh became his own real-life hero and was able to pull himself out of a deep depression and continue on with a life that is pretty full right now.
I’m very proud of the life he’s made for himself and happy that he’s a part of my life. I gave him Wizard of Time to read letting him know that he was the “Josh” in the story. When he got done reading it he told me he didn’t need to be told he was Josh because he saw himself and the way he was versus the way he is now and he saw all that transition in the book itself. I was a bit worried he’d hate it because he’s right … I took the uncertain, clumsy, hate the world kid he started out as when I first knew him and turned him into the self-assured going places man he is today.
Please check out Wizard of Time and think of the 19 year old kid from California that made a success of his life.
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