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I'm super excited to have become a part of the wonderful YA Indie Carnival - a group of indie authors and reviewers - who post on a special subject every Friday. This week it's a Back to School special.....

December Moon hadn't been back at school very long when something really weird happened.... the school gymnasium began to flood....

'As all the girls and boys panicked and flocked to the exit in one mad rush, December slowly took her time. It was only water, after all, and a little bit of water never hurt anyone. Well, it had never hurt me, she thought. Exactly at that moment, the water that had begun seeping into her black plimsolls and wetting her feet, receded, leaving her feet and ankles entirely, and strangely, dry.
Eyes wide in amazement, December surveyed the scene around her as one last student ran across the large mat in the centre of the room, it squelching beneath her feet. She was the last to leave. Even Miss Finnegan hadn't waited to make sure all her students had escaped unharmed and dry.
The water continued to pour in from each corner of the room, large droplets plopping around her from the ceiling and walls. Bits of green painted plaster broke away from the wall and fell down, bobbing up and down in the ankle high water below. December looked down at the floor and noticed that water was everywhere except within a small circular area surrounding her feet. As she moved, the dry circular area moved with her, like a bouncing bubble.
Before she could work out what was happening, gymnasium equipment began to fall and crash to the floor with the force of the running water.
How can this be? She thought. Then she remembered her silent wish, surely not? No, there had to be a rational explanation to all of this. I couldn't possibly be responsible. But the dry bubble around her told her a very different story.
As much as December wanted to hang around and enjoy watching the gym fill up with water, abruptly putting an end to her least favourite subject, she knew Miss Finnegan would eventually notice she was missing. So she skipped from the flooded room and out into the unusually bright sunlight of the October English afternoon.'
Excerpt of December Moon: Part II of the Raven Saga.
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  1. That's one way to get out of gym class. Very interesting excerpt!

  2. Love the cover of December Moon. I'm really interested to read your series! Thanks for the support in my blog! I really appreciate it!


  3. Oh, I'm also wondering if you make the cover of your books. I never know how self-published authors have their book covers! Thanks for replying me! :)


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