Raven reaches TOP 100 in FREE KINDLE CHARTS!!


I'm absolutely thrilled to bits at the moment... I had been trying to get Amazon to make my first book, Raven, free on their site but after several weeks of failed attempts, I all bit gave up and didn't even bother looking at Amazon KDP for a few weeks. And then, tonight I opened up my page and nearly fell over!
A couple of days ago, Raven became free and has since shot to the top of the children's fantasy-sci-fi charts... in at NUMBER TWO!! It's also reached the TOP 100 Free in Kindle Store!!
At first glance, I thought they must have made a mistake but nope... it's correct! Raven is a FREE bestseller (if that makes sense?!). Let's hope it stays up there!
To get your copy of Raven, FREE, visit:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

And now, excuse me a moment as I do a happy dance!!


  1. I'm not surprised, Suzy. It's an awesome book. And so's the sequel. Well done!!!!! xxx

  2. THANK YOU Shalini! So yours... I can't wait for your sequel ;)

  3. Number 2! That's amazing, congrats :)

  4. I just finished reading the #1 free Kindle, Entangled, time to go on to #2! How do you get them to list a book as free anyway?

  5. About time everyone caught up with the cool kids!! *winks at Suzy* I am SO HAPPY that everyone is downloading Raven! I am super excited for you! Wait till they get their hands on December Moon!!!! I told you that this series is AMAZING!!!!!! Off to help spread the word MORE!!

    Take care!

  6. Perseverance pays off eventually then :o) I've just downloaded it by the way, and moved it to top spot on my TBR. Looking forward to diving in...

  7. Oh thanks guys! You are all totally awesome!

    KarenG... to get your book free on amazon you need to make it free on smashwords first (so that it's free on B&N) and then you need to tell amazon as often as possible (!) that your book is cheaper elsewhere. There is a link on your book's page where you click and give them proof of the link. It takes a while though!

  8. Suzy thats awesome! Congratulations.... :)


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