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Before I get too carried away with my excitement of what we are celebrating today, I’d like to say a big thank you to Suzy for inviting me to her fabby Blog so that I can talk about the re-publishing of Satchfield Hall.
Satchfield Hall was re-published on Thursday after being beautifully edited by the amazing Jo Field resplendent with its thought provoking new cover, designed by Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics.
In the last two years, I have published three novels and Satchfield Hall was the second novel I published. Writing is a passion and one of the areas I love to write about is situations that change the course of people’s lives. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, for instance, my latest book Sometimes It Happens… is about a cleaner who won the lottery, it changed her life, but not in the way she had expected. What happened in Satchfield Hall changed the lives of many, but is unlikely to happen today and because of this I needed to set my story in a time where pregnancy outside of marriage was unthinkable, particularly in the privileges classes. 
Satchfield Hall is an epic saga than spans over four decades. The reader is introduced to the story in 1942 when the world is in flux and fear. Where the fear of not seeing tomorrow is real and where love can be as easily lost as found. Celia Bryant-Smythe’s disgrace sets in motion events that will affect the lives of many people, taking decades to unravel. Lives will be lost and destroyed and it will take until the death of the one man, the Squire of Satchfield Hall, Henry Bryant-Smythe, who had callously started it all before it will be finally over.
Satchfield Hall is not about the war or gentleness nor is it about tranquillity and privilege. Satchfield Hall it is about fear, power, lies and in the end revenge.
The newly edited version of Satchfield Hall with its beautiful cover is available in Kindle at Amazon UK and Amazon com
The newly edited version will be available in paperback in around 10 days.
You can find out more about Pauline Barclay at
Twitter @paulinembarclay
Its always a pleasure having you on my blog, Pauline! Good luck with your re-launch!!


  1. Thank you very much Suzy for having me here! x

  2. Hi Pauline & Suzy,

    Great news! Way to go on Kindle, and good luck.

    The story sounds intriguing, and that's half the battle won in getting it noticed.


  3. Pauline, I always love having you on my blog... you're always so full of sunshine!
    Francine... if Satchfield House is anywhere near as good Sometimes It Happens, then we're in for a real treat!!
    Thanks for stopping by


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