YA Indie Carnival: A Thanksgiving Story


Okay, so I don't have any Thanksgiving stories of my own (I'm just an English girl who lives in Portugal!), and there aren't really any Thanksgiving stories within my books either so what do I talk about this week?
I'm going to be very predictable, ultra cheesy and just jot down a few things that I am thankful for...
My husband - He has supported me through thick and thin, particularly after I was made redundant and he suggested I work full time on my writing. I love him to bits!
My brother, sister and father - after my mum died when I was just a kid, we became close and even though I haven't lived in the same country as my siblings for many years, we are still so close and I do miss them terribly.
My friends - They're so very supportive and great fun to be around.
My health - I might complain of frequent aches and pains (sitting in front of a computer for hours every day doesn't do your back much good!), but I am healthy and so thankful for that.
My home - I have a modern beautiful house in the country where it's warm and safe.
My cats and dogs - They make my house dirty and cover the floor with their hairs. My little Podengo Luna has a habit of jumping up at me with dirty paws as I'm leaving the house, but they're great company and I love 'em!
Amazon & Smashwords - For making it possible for me to self-publish my books!
My pink laptop
My Timberland boots
My new black leather jacket
My new Fat Face body warmer.....
I'll shut up now!!!

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