YA Indie Carnival: 11/11/11


YAY... it's 11th November 2011. It sounds exciting doesn't it? Like the kind of big blockbuster disaster movie with big name actors, a huge budget and fantastic special effects?
In that case, the 11 theme I'm going with here is my Top 11 Disaster Movies!
I LOVE disaster movies, not sure why... probably because I love the way people come together and make everything good in the end. No I do not like disaster movies where everyone dies! They just SUCK!
So, here's my list of 11 of my all-time favourite ever disaster movies, in no particular order:

11. Independence Day
Will Smith kicking alien ass. Do we need anything more?

10. Titanic
Leonardo DiCaprio when he was adorably cute with the beautiful English lass Kate Winslet. Yes I know I said I don't like movies where people die but, well... it's just so epic not to include.

9. The Day After Tomorrow
New York in the worst snow storm, biggest flood ever and it has the most gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal in it.

8. Volcano
Tommy Lee Jones. He just rocks, ya know?

7. Dante's Peak
I can't even count how many times this movie is on TV but it doesn't matter, I just HAVE to watch it, EVERY time! I love it. It helps, of course, that it's got Pierce Brosnan in it!

6. Poseidon
A re-make of the original (The Poseidon Adventure, which was out before I was born), this makes my list purely because it's got Josh Lucas in it. Comprende?

5. Twister
Two people who used to be together that should be together but they're not. 
And all that in the face of flying cows and RVs. You just gotta love it!

4. Armageddon
It's all in the song, baby... "I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep, Cause I'd miss you, babe and I don't wanna miss a thing....." That and the' I'm leaving on a jet plane' song scene!

3. Deep Impact
That scene on the beach, where Tea Leoni's character is on the beach with her dad, the massive tsunami appears and she turns to him and goes "daddy". That just gets me, floods of tears... EVERY TIME.

2. The Perfect Storm
Two words: George. Clooney.

1. Deep Blue Sea
Awesomeness of a movie. I'm now terrified of the ocean but I guess it was Jaws and Piranha that did that to me! Oh and another thing... LL Cool J. Swoon.

Have I missed any of your favourites? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Great list! I still love Independence Day! Great movie! Another great Will Smith movie is I am Legend. Of course, I bawled like a little baby.... :)

  2. I loved Independence day because of Will Smith...and Jeff Goldblum, who I find oddly attractive. lol

    Deep Impact. Man. That movie requires many, many tissues.

    As far as disaster movies go... I also like Cloverfield, though that one probably falls into your "sucktastic" catergory. lol

  3. I LOVED Titanic, as a matter of fact I might just watch it again for the millionth time tonight:) And Armageddon and The Perfect Storm GREAT popcorn movies. Did you know that popcorn is an essential part of my writing process??? hee-hee And what about Mars Attacks? That movie was freaking hilarious:) Great post my friend! Happy Veterans Day!

  4. Funny how just the mention of some of these movies makes me want to watch them again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. GREAT list! ID:4 is till one of my favs. The hubs said Airplane. Guess a comedy works, right?

  6. Fantastic list--makes me want to watch them all again... that is, if they didn't give me such nightmares! Silly writer brain...

  7. Love your list!!! Will Smith kicking alien butt is a definite must watch. Deep Blue Sea is one of my favorite movies. Did you ever notice the main guy (can't remember his name) kept falling. My friends and I made up a game while watching the movie. We count the number of times he falls, extra points for when he slides along the floor. LOL

  8. Thanks for all your awesome comments, guys!!

    K.C... I never noticed the falling guy. I must check it out next time it's on TV lol

    Patti... you're as bad as me if you get nightmares from these kinds of movies!

    Heather... I've never even heard of ID:4!! Where have I been (clearly under a rock somewhere!). I must have a look for it! Erm, Airplane? LOL

    T.R... I wanted to watch all these movies again as I was writing my post. And I don't have any on DVD. Bummer!

    Laura... I LOVE Mars Attacks... in fact, I actually watched it on my wedding day morning before I put my dress on!!

    Dani... I've never watched Cloverfield but some of the best disaster movies are sucktastic aren't they lol!!

    Courtney... I have I Am Legend on DVD but I can't bring myself to watch it again. Just too sad... too sad!!

    Looking forward to the next Indie Carnival girls!! XX


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