Going for the chop for The Make a Wish Foundation!


I'm chopping my hair off for charity... yes, you read that right, my long locks are going and will be replaced with a super short pixie crop!
Initially I had decided to go for the chop because I'd decided to go completely natural and let my white hair shine through but as I gave it more thought I figured I should make it a charity event. I've chosen to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation International, an amazing charity which helps make the wishes come true for children with life threatening illnesses. I'd watched videos of some of these amazing kids and I always balled my eyes out and so it seemed only right to support something that had such an impact on my emotional state (and tear ducts!).
The day of the chop is set for Friday 13th January. Yes, Friday 13th!!! I am brave, aren't I?!
Please, please, please help by donating whatever you possibly can, even if it's just a few dollars / pounds / euros... it will all make a difference to some amazing children around the world. You can visit my charity page, here, to help support my cause.
And yep, if you're wondering about  my hair, I am still going white. I've had enough of repeatedly putting all those chemicals on my head and I'm proud of who I am... and that includes my natural hair colour too!
Check out some of these amazing Make a Wish videos...

To help me in my cause, please visit...
... and give what you can. Thank you!

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