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It's been the most amazing year for me. Not only did I discover the awesomeness that is Smashwords, Amazon KDP / Author Central, etc, which enabled me to go down the indie publishing route, but I also made some exceptional pals all over the world. All through writing and books. Isn't that amazing?
I learned a massive amount about the publishing world in 2011 but, when it comes to writing, there are still resolutions I have for 2012. Here are some of them:

Keep on reading
Reading other people's work is a great way to improve your own writing. This year I was honoured to have fellow writer Michelle Isenhoff read Raven. She made some very valid points on how I could improve it. I took all of her advice, but it wasn't until I read her children's book, The Quill Pen, that I really understood exactly what she meant. My writing has since improved, as a result. I am incredibly grateful to Michelle for this. Oh, and The Quill Pen is currently FREE and it is AMAZING!

Keep on writing
Yes, an obvious resolution but I have to admit to a serious procrastination problem. Basically, I am lazy. I am easily distracted by the TV, the internet, that chocolate in the fridge... and so on. The only way I will ever become a big success (!), is by writing as many books as possible. This is THE year... honest!

Don't dwell on negative criticism
In 2011, I swapped 'reads' with another writer. You'd think if she didn't like my book, she would politely say so and decline to review it but, instead she absolutely trashed it. She was very cruel and in most cases, quite wrong about what she wrote (she even suggested that all my good reviews must have been written by family and friends... which isn't true as very few family and friends have even read my book!). Suffice to say, I have not read her book. I simply cannot bring myself to do it. (My husband and friends said that I should have trashed hers but I refuse to stoop that low!)
The point is, I was so hurt by her words that I almost gave up writing. Ridiculous, I know, but that's how hard I took it. As writers, we need to develop a very thick skin and only take notice of the constructive criticism we receive. This year, I will do exactly that!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that 2012 brings you all the happiness that you wish for!

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  1. Suzy,
    This is a great post. Thanks for the tip about The Quill Pen too! I think writers make great friends. And about that review, usually when someone goes over the top like that, it doesn't have anything to do with you or your writing, but about something that they are dealing with. It's SO hard to deal with criticism, but it is easy to criticize. It is very hard to CREATE. Keep up the great storytelling! I'm glad you didn't give up:) Happy New Year! I like your QR cod on your site too. I wish I knew how to use it. LOL!

  2. Bravo on being a pro and holding your ground. You just proved you have what it takes to keep going. And it's clear she doesn't. XOXO Happy New Year!

  3. Suzy, don't let negative people discourage. I think sometimes people just get a kick out of being nasty. Maybe this person was intimidated by your work and felt she needed to slim down the competition. People will get down and dirty when it comes to climbing to the top.

    Continue to read and write. Take heart to the critical reviews that are objective. A review shouldn't be personal. I hate it when people say, I was just giving my honest opinion. If you are a teacher and you found that your student's work was lacking in some way you wouldn't say, "Gee, you're completed project sucked. I hated it and you shouldn't have even bothered!" I mean, can you just imagine a teacher saying that to a student? As a teacher it would be your responsibility to point out what criteria could have been stronger, but your thoughts on the project would be based upon fact and knowledge, not opinions!

    Sorry, I'm ranting all over your post, LOL! I just really despise people who lack professionalism!

    Happy New Year and good luck in 2012!

  4. Laura, Patti and Amy... thank you for your very positive comments. It's pals like you that make me want to continue to write. Thank you so much for being so supportive. It really does mean the world to me.
    Happy New Year girls... I hope you make it HUGE this year!! XXX


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