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I've not been much of a blogger lately... and I do have reasons, of course. I'm not just lazy (well, sometimes that too!). But I'm busy writing my next novel, which is Part 3 (and the final part) in The Raven Saga. I have to get my first final draft finished for February so I'm busily getting all the words down at the moment. It's going well so far, fingers crossed. The imagination is active and the words are flowing! Hopefully it will continue that way.
The other thing that is on my mind at the moment is the Make a Wish Foundation. An awesome charity that grants the wishes of seriously ill children all over the world. Every time I watch videos about these kids, I cry. I become a bit of a emotional wreck actually. It always amazes me how strong these kids are.
Anyway, I'm doing what I can for them by chopping off my hair for the charity. So far I've raised just short of $400, but I'd love to get that figure over $500.
The big chop is this Friday 13th (yikes!) and actually I'm quite excited about it. My husband tells me that my hair is wearing me at the moment, probably because I've mentally already lost it, so it's just getting in the way now. And if I hate the result, then it'll grow back so I'm pretty chilled about it.
I'm also donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust in the UK, which makes wigs for sick children.
If you have a few dollars / euros / pounds to spare for these amazing children, it would be AWESOME if you could make a small donation. Every little counts, so if you can help, then please visit this page:

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