REVIEW: The Bringer by Samantha Towle


I bought this book a couple of months ago... partly because the author, Samantha Towle, is a fellow Yorkshire lass and I wanted to support her and partly because I loved the look of the book. I never actually read the blurb!
Anyway, I finally began reading during a recent holiday and boy was I in for a surprise! The beginning hooked me in right from the first few words and I literally couldn't put it down after that. I can honestly say that I went through so many different emotions whilst reading this book - but in particular, it sucked me in and at times it literally made my heart ache.
I really loved James, he seems like such a rounded character, the way he swore just like a regular guy, made him even more real to me. And Lucyna... well, how can you not love her? What she goes through in the book (and before, for that matter) just makes you want everything to work out for her. There are times when you just want to shake her, but that makes her even more real. Well, as real as a Bringer can be of course!
All in all, The Bringer is a fantastic piece of fiction and I can't wait to read more from this debut author.

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