REVIEW: Wood Spirit by Johanna Frappier



I have three little words to describe this book...
I couldn't put it down, literally, I just couldn't.
To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from Wood Spirit as I have read Johanna's two other books (The Fairy Circle and The Fairy Thief), both of which are fantastic but they're written with a different audience in mind - the YA audience. Wood Spirit, on the other hand, is horror and I have to take my hat off to her, this is one helluva horror story. Johanna has proven that she can turn her hand to anything. I've read a few horror books in my time, but it's not my favourite genre (I scare easily!), but after this, I'm tempted to delve further into it. I'd love to read more horror from Johanna and I hope that she's got more in the pipeline.
Wood Spirit scared the pants off of me (well, perhaps not literally, but you get my drift), and prevented me from climbing outta my bed in the middle of the night for fear of the black cloud... but if you wanna know more about the black cloud, you'll have to buy the book. Go on... you know you want to....

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