REVIEW: Forget the past by Claude Nougat


I figured I would enjoy this book because of its unique description:
"When Tony, a gifted child and brilliant video game creator, turns 17, he suffers burnout and feels like an old man. He goes to Sicily, the homeland of his deceased father, to search for his roots. An abandoned palazzo with a strange name inscribed above the door, the Circolo di Conversazione, attracts his attention. He walks in and meets the ghosts of all his ancestors going back 900 years, milling about, waiting for Judgment Day."
I was hooked the moment I began reading. Unlike anything I have ever read, Forget the Past manages to delve a little into the history of many a character while creating very human tales of tragedy and love. Although Tony is the lead character in the novel, the in-depth stories are more about his ancestors than about himself, a 17 year old boy who is trying to find out who HE really is.
The stories (there were many intertwined within the book) were easily to visualise in my mind's eye and I would love to see this book made into a movie... it would certainly make a terrific one!
This is only the first in a trilogy about young Tony Bellomo. I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone. Whether you're a young adult or an old timer, Forget the Past is well worth the read!
My review of the sequel, Reclaim the Present, is coming soon!

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  1. Suzy, this is wonderful of you to put it up here and I'm so happy you like the book! Many, many thanks!
    Let me just add for the information of your readers that I'm about to pull down all the separate ebooks (one for each part of the novel) and that the whole novel is now available in a single ebook since last month (February) at an advantageous price: $5.99 (instead of $2.99 for each ebook which adds up, yes, to almost $9!)

    And it's called (of course): FEAR OF THE PAST, a novel.

    It is also available in printed form for those who can't abide the digital age and love to hold their books in their hands and put them on library shelves!


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