YA Indie Carnival: Four Seasons


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... the four seasons. Four awesome seasons for so many different reasons. I love winter, probably because that's when I was born. But by the end of winter, I find I'm really looking forward to spring with its beautiful birds singing in the morning, the warm sun shining almost every day and that lovely spring morning scent that fills the air when you first step outdoors.
Winter is my favourite season. Photo taken in Canada!
But, by the end of spring, I find myself looking forward to the summer, when it's warm enough to don my favourite hot weather clothes! Needless to say though, living in the Algarve where the temperatures often get too much to bear, I'm ALWAYS wishing for the season to end, looking forward to the cool crisp mornings of the autumn, where the boots come out from the bottom of the wardrobe and jackets appear that have been hidden away for months. I love it when you first start to see your breath outdoors. Oh how I love the autumn... knowing that winter is just around the corner!
But which season do I tend to write? Well, that's easy. All of them! I like to write all throughout the year but I probably read more when the weather starts to warm up. I love the thought of taking my Kindle outside wearing nothing but a bikini (bearing in mind this is in the privacy of my own garden!) and laying down to read for a few hours while the sun gives me a golden glow. And that weather is almost upon us... actually, it's been quite hot the past few days so my bikini just might get an airing even sooner!
But what about you? When do you like to write, read and review books?
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  1. I agree. Writing all year round is the way to go and I'm always reading for the next season when it arrives as well :)


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