REVIEW: Paradox by Patti Roberts


This is so totally different from anything I've read recently and I have to say... WOW. Patti Roberts is a truly remarkable writer. The way she weaves her tales among the story is extraordinary. I can honestly say I was in awe of the way she managed to do it. I'd love to have that talent. The story was so unusual... in fact it was a story within a story, or should I say a story within a story, within a story... I could go on because there are several different tales going on in the book at different times in history. And it's not confusing, Patti Roberts has managed to intertwine these aspects beautifully.
I also love the fact that Lisbon has been incorporated (I live in Portugal, but I won't say anything more!) My only criticism is that I NEED to know what happens next!! I can't wait for book two!

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