YA Indie Carnival: Block Busters


What do you do when you're, ah...BLOCKED! When you've written your characters into a corner, or maybe a black hole, and they can't get out? What do you do when you stare at that blinking cursor in the middle of the night? How do you bust your blocks?
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I find the only thing I can is to get away from the computer, away from the story and do something completely different. Perhaps read a couple of books by other awesome writers or listen to some music. As we talked about last week, there's nothing better than a great piece of music to get the imagination running again. Or a movie? Anything that will make me think about something else always seems to help. Because I'm not thinking about it too much, I find that light bulb moment happens much easier!
So what about you? What do you do to loosen up the cogs of your imagination?
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