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I'm delighted to host the awesome YA writer, K.C Blake on my blog today. Her new book, Witch Hunt, is out now! Get your copy here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007JCNEYQ
Over to you, K.C! ...

As a writer I like to read a lot. Sometimes I read for fun, and sometimes I read to learn how to be a better writer. You can learn many things just from reading. So I thought I would make a list of books and what I learned from them. Maybe you have a similar list.

1. Stephen King: I won’t single out any one of his books, because they are all brilliant. King has a splendid way of making even the most outlandish tales seem possible. I attribute that to the incredible level of life he breathes into his characters. In “Needful Things” a boy is thinking about how his mother loves to eat junk food while drinking diet cola. He thinks it’s stupid but knows if he says something he’ll get hit.
2. Twilight: A lot of people have nasty things to say about this book and roll their eyes when you say you liked it. What did I learn from reading it? Stephanie Meyer managed to capture the teenage heart. It’s that fragile first love teetering on the brink of destruction that hooked the reader. The girl is vulnerable, and the boy is a bigger than life, take action guy. She can’t stop thinking about him, can’t walk away even when she learns that he’s a vampire.
3. Mortal Instruments: This series by Cassandra Clare is incredible. I’ve learned so much from reading these books. The characters relate to each other on infinite levels that keep me interested from start to finish. Also, I enjoy the imagery. Clare has a great way with details.
4. Books that suck: You can learn from these as well. If you are deep in the story and something yanks you out, look to see what it was that ruined it for you. Did the writer use the wrong words? Did they say something that wasn’t believable? Did they use flowery prose that made you laugh?

I love to read a book the first time for the simple enjoyment, but if it’s good enough to read several times, I usually go back with a pen and underline the best parts. That’s right. I mark up my books. Some people wouldn’t dream of doing something like that. Honestly, it helps. Then you can glance through the pages and read the underline parts, helping to build your vocabulary, and maybe some of it will sink in, making you a better writer.
K.C Blake's new book, Witch Hunt, is OUT NOW! Get your copy from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007JCNEYQ

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