I'm back after six weeks of filming The Right Juice!


It's been 6 weeks of over 12 hour days working behind the scenes of a movie but I have admit it: I had a whale of a time. It was awesome, just awesome. I met some amazing people, people I hope to stay in touch with for the rest of my life. It's true what they say: working on a movie is just like working with a little family. Since filming wrapped last Friday, I have found myself missing them all tremendously.
Being the film's Script Supervisor has enabled me to learn so much about how a movie is made. Actually, when I watch a TV show or movie now, I find myself looking at it with a different eye. I'm spotting things that I wouldn't have before, like how a certain scene was filmed, where the camera is located and how it is being moved, how shots are put together and so on. There is a heck of a lot more to making a movie than I could ever have imagined. 
I should also add that making a movie is so not glamorous! Contrary to popular belief, the hours are long and exhausting (even after filming wrapped each day, as Script Supervisor my job wasn't over because I had to write up all my notes and email them to the Editor), and we often found ourselves stuck in the middle of a muddy field in the cold rain or out in the middle of the night where temperatures dropped dramatically (I know, surprising for the Algarve!). It's hard to believe now that just a few weeks ago I was huddled up in my thermals, coat and hat, crazy considering the heat wave we're experiencing at the moment!
But I am thankful to the people behind The Right Juice for giving me the opportunity to be involved in something so awesome. I firmly believe that this movie is going to be a success and the lead actor, Mark Killeen, is destined for huge things. Early on in filming, there was one scene where he looks out onto the fields beyond and it was at that moment when it hit me: I'm working with someone who is going to make it big. He's a lovely, lovely guy and I wish him the world of success. He deserves it.
I've now got some awesome memories and I will never, ever forget this amazing experience.
Check out a few photos from behind the scenes...(for more, come on over to my facebook page where I have over 500! Suzy's Facebook photos of The Right Juice )
Lucia Moniz, you may recognise her from Love Actually

Image courtesy of Eduardo Pinto, Algarve Film Commission
Image courtesy of Eduardo Pinto, Algarve Film Commisssion
The two main actors, Mark Killeen and Miguel Damiao, with me

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