YA Indie Carnival: Story settings


For me, setting is hugely important in my books. In fact, it was the setting of Powell River (see below) that inspired me to write The Raven Saga in the first place. Mysterious, eerie and beautiful, my imagination went into overdrive and I just knew that it would be the perfect setting for a YA urban fantasy book (that would eventually become a trilogy!).
The Powell River beach that inspired The Raven Saga
I adore books that have fascinating settings: enchanting forests, magical castles, ghostly graveyards, rural idylls.... I could go on! I can easily say that it is the setting that inspires my stories above anything else. I need to come up with a perfect setting before my characters can come alive.
I love nothing more than visiting cathedrals, castles and quaint little villages in England because they make the cogs of my brain go completely wild. In fact, my next series will most certainly be set in the English countryside and I can't wait to get started on it!
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  1. OOO! Castles:) How fabulous. Yes, I know. It's crazy, but I was walking around New York City a few days ago and it was like every alley had a story. The buildings. The cobblestones. Can't wait for your next book:)

  2. I have no idea what a rural idyll is. Off to look up "idyll"...


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