YA Indie Carnival: Listopia Demystified


Hmm... listopia. What is it for a start? Well, I'm not entirely sure myself lol! I'm guessing it's a list of your favourite books? Clearly this week's subject matter has me in a tizz and I feel mighty silly not really knowing anything about it. I googled it and was confronted by a writer's website, lists on goodreads that members vote on and not much more. So I'm assuming we're referring to Goodreads lists.
Ok then. Well, hmm. I do recall voting for a few of my favourite authors last year... I think they were favourite urban fantasy and favourite covers. But since then I've spent very little time of Goodreads, but then I've spent little time online up until recently. I was so busy writing and editing my most recent book, The Lost Soul, and then working as Script Supervisor that I just didn't have the time. But now that I'm back glued to my computer writing my next book (a chick lit novel!), I must investigate this phenomenon further.... listopia.... hmm....

For real listopia demystified, check out my awesome fellow carnis...
2. Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3. Heather Self
22. Courtney Cole Writes

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  1. ...definitely sounds interesting, I may look into it myself ;)


  2. Thanks for popping by, Elliot! It's always great to hear from you :)


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