Blogging issues!


Sadly, I've had to say farewell to my previous pretty pink vintage blog template due to issues that kept arising with my pages. So, please bear with me as I strive to come up with an alternative option that suits my writing and me (!).
With insufficient funds to hire a designer (!), I'm having to either have a go at designing something myself or find another template... both of which are time consuming when I should be writing The Morgan Sisters. Aaargh! But I just cannot live with an ugly blog so I must sort this out first. In the meantime, you might notice my blog taking on various odd appearances over the coming day or two until I get it sorted! Hopefully it won't take me too long!


  1. can be a painful process, without a doubt. I've contemplated a change as well, then considered the effort involved, and kicked the idea aside for another day.

    Good luck ;)


  2. Hi Elliot! I think you're wise... I'm going absolutely CRAZY today! I was up til midnight last night trying to sort this out, and I've been on it ALL DAY today! It's already really hot and now I'm getting all hot and bothered too! I think I just might throw my laptop out the window soon!!!! aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh

  3. Oh Suzy, how annoying! To play around with a template can be simply harrowing (when what we should do is write!!) I just did that recently, changed my template to something that I found reasonably satisfactory...only to discover that in the change I had lost ALL comments on my blog!! For some reason, when you change templates on Blogger and move to the so-called "dynamic" ones, you lose all the comments and linkages to your books. So I quickly reverted to the standard and regained the pages/links to my books but I never got back the comments, God knows why!
    Blogger advises you to save your template before tinkering with it (which of course I didn't do) so I hope you did!
    Other than that, I'm happy to hear you're busy writing a new novel. What's it about?


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