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So it's the summer holidays (or summer vacation if you're in the States!), and it's exactly the same as it was for me when it wasn't, if that makes sense! I don't have a different job... my job is my writing (YAY!) and sadly, I don't have any children. So the only thing that really changes for me during the summer holidays is the busyness of the Algarve. The region fills up with people from England, Germany, Holland, France, the north, Spain, Canada, etc, etc, etc. I don't often meet Americans on my travels though but I'm sure they do come :)
I must admit that I hate August... it gets way too busy and way too hot so you can usually find me indoors with all the shutters closed trying to keep cool!
But enough of my Algarve summer. What am I reading this season? Well, I've been re-reading the first Harry Potter and I'm amazed by how much of it that I'd forgotten (it's got to be over ten years since I read it). There is way more in the book than in the movie! I've really been enjoying it.
I've also been reading a horror story by Poppet Author but I must admit to having to put it on hold because it's scared the living daylights out of me. I will get round to reading the rest of it though because it's written so beautifully. That woman sure has talent.
So what else have I been reading? Oh yeah, I started a witchy book which is awesome. It's called Witch Song by Amber Argyle and it's fabulous so far. And Walking with Angels by Carmel Reilly, which is a load of true stories of heavenly encounters (so says the cover). I've read a few of the stories and they're astounding, emotional and give me the shivers in a really good way. It's giving me tonnes of ideas :)
Anyway, as it's the summer, the sales are on (YAY!) so do excuse me while I go out to do a spot of shopping!

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