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This week at the YA Indie Carnival, we're posting excerpts for our WIPs (or published books) and you get to vote on your favourite! Once you've read them, head on over to http://yaauthorclub.blogspot.com to cast your vote.
Please note that this is an excerpt of a first draft of my WIP, The Morgan Sisters, so please forgive any errors you might find! You'll also find the grand prize winner of our first anniversary giveaway from last week, listed below...

The Morgan Sisters
It didn't feel like death was upon her. In fact, Lana felt strangely alive as her body fell slowly to the ground. Slowly? Yes, she was falling slowly, far too slowly, in fact. Lana looked down and watched as the ground below her seemed to hover. She held out her arms and felt her feet gracefully touch the floor like a ballet dancer about to pirouette in the air. A shocked giggle erupted from her lips as she twirled and looked around, before glancing upwards to see how far she'd fallen. But it wasn't a fall, she thought, I should be dead.
Suddenly, the full extent of what had happened hit her and she took a step backwards as if she'd been punched in the stomach. Oh My God, she thought, gulping. I've just fallen from Carlton Point and survived. Not a scratch. Nothing. It can't possible be right.
'Oh No,' she whispered, 'I must be dead.' Her hands flew to her mouth and she retched, heaving, throwing up the chocolate rice krispies she'd had for breakfast. Sitting down on a mossy rock, she put her elbows on her knees and breathed deeply.
Hang on, if I'm dead, surely I wouldn't throw up this morning's breakfast. She searched around for her dead body and it was nowhere to be seen. She pinched herself over and over until her arms were pink.
And then she just couldn't help it. She started laughing. Laughing until her stomach muscles ached. But after about ten minutes, she stopped abruptly. A sensation in her abdomen caused her to curl over in agony. Writhing on the floor for what seemed like ages, tears rolled down Lana's face. Eventually the pain dissipated and she was able to sit up.
Scrambling at her long black T-shirt, she pulled it up and peered down at her stomach. There, etched on her skin, was what appeared to be a tattoo. Lana's eyes opened wide and she began to cry, loudly.
'What the hell?' she cried, 'What's going on?' she shouted as the tears streamed down her cheeks, causing black mascara to smear across her face. 'What's wrong with me?' she said as she fell to the floor in a heap.

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