Wanna be a zombie? Do a detox!


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I've done no writing this week whatsoever and, although I feel guilty about that, there is valid reason why not. I had a pretty rough week after suddenly deciding to go on a raw food detox diet. I'm not sure exactly why I decided to do it there and then but I did and holy cow, did I have no idea what I'd let myself in for.
Having never been through detox before, I had no clue that it could cause such pain! Day one was okay, apart from a mild headache, but then day two (and the rest of the week) I had the most awful pains in my legs and lower back. The pain was so severe in fact, that it prevented me from sleeping. I just couldn't lie down for more than 20 minutes at a time. So most of my nights last week were spent walking around the living room. And because of my lack of sleep, I couldn't concentrate either. I was like a zombie... I kid you not.
Most people would take painkillers but I was on detox... the whole point of which is to rid the body of toxins so I wasn't about to put even more back in! So I suffered and endured the pain. Thankfully, I started feeling better on Sunday and I'm almost back to normal now. Sleeping feels like such a luxury!
Photo credit: Through Painted Eyes via photo pin cc


  1. Wow, I'll have to check out that link. I've heard of people doing this before. Hopefully, you continue feeling better and it ends up being worth it. Let me know.

  2. Thanks Sheri! I'm feeling good at the moment but I'll keep you posted. Even though there can be a lot of pain, I'd definitely recommend a detox from all the junk we tend to consumer on a day to day basis!


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