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I just came across a cute post by Sarah, from the Whimsical Mumblings Blog, who posted about her awesome girl crushes. I know we all have them... you know, those famous gals that we love purely because they are just too darn cute, or because they play the coolest characters on screen. Well after reading Sarah's post, I just HAD to post my own. So here they are, my girl crushes...

Zooey Deschanel
Photo credit: [ebarrera] via photo pin cc
Emily Deschanel
Photo credit: Genevieve719 via photo pin cc
Ksenia Solo
Photo credit: satin_shirt via photo pin cc
Kristen Ritter
Photo credit: cc 
Katy Perry
Photo credit: Michael @ NW Lens via photo pin cc
Reese Witherspoon
Photo credit: Patrick McEvoy-Halston via photo pin cc
Sandra Bullock
photo credit: Raios de Luz - Gláucia Góes via photo pin cc
Pauley Perrette
Photo credit: tixgirl via photo pin cc
Anne Hathaway
Photo credit: Anthony Citrano via photo pin cc
Lindsay Price
Photo credit: vagueonthehow via photo pin cc
Emily Blunt
Photo credit: gdcgraphics via photo pin cc
I'm sure I'll remember more in the next few days, in which case I'll post an update! So about you, who are your current girl crushes?


  1. Thanks for tagging me lovely. :)
    Great post, we like many similar haha.

  2. No problem, Sarah! You did inspire me :)


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