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Being such a HUGE TV and movie addict, I often wonder what happened to some of the stars of yesteryear, don't you? I figured I would track some of them down (well, not literally, of course!) and see for myself. Here is the first in a series of Where Are They Now?

Ally Sheedy
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Remember Ally back in the 80s where she starred in loads of awesome teenage movies? She was one of the so-called Brat Pack? Appearing in movies like Breakfast Club and St Elmo's Fire. I don't know what reminded me of it, but the other day I had am image of another movie she was in, about a maid? Anyway, I couldn't remember the exact details so I googled her to find out. It was called Maid to Order and it was FAB. I was also then reminded that she was also in Short Circuit and WarGames. Do you remember them? They were just the coolest movies back then!
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Anyway, Ally is still a working actress, although as far as I can tell, she has failed to continue the success she had back in the day. Ally has also written a couple of books! Cool, huh?  She Was Nice to Mice: The Other Side of Elizabeth I's Character Never Before Revealed by Previous Historians was written by Ally when she was just 12 and it became a bestseller, apparently! Her second book, is a book of poetry entitled Yesterday I Saw the Sun.
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