Winnemucca, a Small Town Fairy Tale by Laura Elliott


I'm always a bit nervous about reading books written by my lovely author pals... all those fabulous writers I've met over the past couple of years since I started writing full time. Because there's always that niggle in the back of my mind... What if I don't like the story? What if their writing leaves me cold?
I'm delighted to say though, that it's never happened. In fact, the books that I've read by my fellow indie authors have, more often than not, totally blown me away. And it's just happened again!
I read Winnemucca, a Small Town Fairy Tale by Laura Elliott in two days. Here's the description and my review...
When fear’s as blind as love, how far would you go to find your own happily ever after? One mistake will change Ginny’s life forever. One answer will set her free. Once upon a time Ginny’s road blood ripened, the day she got wise to love. Engaged to the high school quarterback, his quarter-carat ring and enchanting smile should have been enough for her. But, she stands him up and takes a walk where every step questions her happily ever after gone-bad and the fate of the mother she never knew. The mother her father refuses to talk about. Ginny fights to untangle her big, fat, lie-of-a-life on an enchanted road trip to Winnemucca, where she believes all her answers lie. To solve the riddle of her past, she must outrun everyone who wants a piece of her future–including a man determined to see she never has one.

Laura Elliott had me from the very beginning of this book. It's enchanting, beautiful, heart-wrenching... a real modern day fairy tale. Everything about it just shouts 'masterpiece'. It's the kind of book that young adults all over the world ought to be reading in college. Yes, it really did have that much of an effect on me. I'd put this up there with The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (one of my all time favourite reads), because simply put, I could read Winnemucca, a small town fairy tale, again and again. As I'm sure I will. I read the ebook version, but I'll certainly be buying it in paperback too so I can cherish it exactly as it deserves to be cherished.

All in all, an absolute masterpiece!
Get the book here.


  1. That's a great review. She'll be happy to read it I bet.

  2. Great review! I haven't heard much about this book so thanks for drawing it to my attention. :)

  3. OMG, Suzy! I'm speechless. Wow. Just. Wow. Thanks so much for taking the time to read Winnemucca, and for your fabulous review too. I know we all have MASSIVE TBRs. So when a friend decides to pick mine out of the pile it's very special. I'm glad you enjoyed Ginny's enchanted road trip. It was my debut novel and so it's so special to me. I love this book because it’s about Ginny awakening to her own intuition. As young women [and I guess as we get older too, but less so] we don't listen to our "little voices inside" enough :D xo Thanks for this post!

  4. It's an absolute pleasure, Laura! To me there's nothing more awesome than finding a book that speaks to me and Winnemucca did that in so many ways, I will be forever recommending it everyone I know! xox


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