Come join me at the Surfing in Stilettos party!


I am not here today. Although, I wasn't sure which ones to wear...

I eventually put on these party shoes...

and headed over to the fabulous Surfing in Stilettos party at Come and join me for some fantastic prizes, surprises, and desirable shoes.
I'm in the middle of reading Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines by Carol and it's hilariously funny... I'd put it up there with Bridget Jones!


  1. I can't bear it! I REALLY want those shoes. I'll swap you Hubby for them. You lucky girl.
    I'm now putting this up on Twitter and results will be posted tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for the above wonderful words joining in the fun and what else can I say? Your shoe closet is my idea of heaven. xxx

  2. LOL! Carol you do make me laugh!!!
    I'll tell you a secret about those shoes (voice lowers to a light whisper)... I got them in the sale at Primark for about £5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is just a small selection of shoe closet... I was tempted to add all my favourite boots and flats too but I figured I'd save that for another day! I've been reading your book every night... it's absolutely wonderful! I can't wait for the movie version ;)


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