WOW - What a review!!


I woke up this morning to be greeted by such a wonderful review of The Lost Soul that it has totally and utterly made my day. I'm doing my own little happy dance in front of the laptop!
All I need now is a Hollywood Producer to spot it, read it, fall in love with it and make it into a movie. I'm not asking too much am I? Sigh.... a girl can dream, right?

Check out the review over at Books4Tomorrow....

B o o k s 4 T o m o r r o w: REVIEW: "THE LOST SOUL" (The Raven Saga, Book 3) -...: “ THE LOST SOUL ” ( The Raven Saga, Book 3 ) by Suzy Turner REVIEWED BY : Ellen Fritz OVERVIEW December and Lilly h...


  1. Congrats on the great review!! It's got to be the best feeling in the world when somebody admires your work :D especially when they don't "have" to because they're your friend. hehe

  2. That's awesome! That's exactly who needed to read your book and others like them. Sounds like Lost Soul is off to a good start! :)

  3. Suzy, you deserve every wonderful review you get. Congratulations! (✿◠‿◠)

  4. Trisha, David & T.R thanks for stopping by. You're awesome :)


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