Day 7 of The Morgan Sisters Virtual Tour


Hey everyone! Well, I'm back from my travels in Lisbon to celebrate hubby's 40th birthday... and all is back to normal. Well, relatively back to normal. While we were away, a freak tornado ripped through the region. Fortunately, it missed the area where we live but did some major damage to three towns just 15 minutes away. Lagoa, Silves and Carvoeiro (where we used to live) had huge trees ripped up from pavements, the local football stadium is virtually no more, houses have lost roofs and windows, caravans, cars and trucks overturned and crashed all over the place and more. It must have been so frightening for anyone living there.
Luckily, it's all over and the freak weather conditions have changed. This morning, there's beautiful blue skies everywhere and, although a little brisk, it is glorious.
Just a bummer that I feel like I'm coming down with what feels like flu! I hope it's not though :(
I guess it's a good thing then that my Virtual Tour is online only! So you don't have to worry about catching my cold when you come on over and visit Raine Thomas's blog, where main character Emma Jane Morgan has plenty to say for the Seventh Day!
So what are you waiting for... come and join me and help me feel better!


  1. We had a freak storm go through our town this summer. It took out huge trees like they were twigs, our electric was out for a week (some people up to 3 weeks), and also took out our football field's press box. Scary stuff!

  2. That sounds so scary Elizabeth! And to not have power for a week?!! Gosh... talk about a nightmare!


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