Day Four of The Morgan Sisters Virtual Tour


It's time for yet another awesome review, from Amazon!
"The Morgan sisters Lana and Emma both have paralyzing phobias, until a weird compulsion pushes them into their fear. What happens is transformative, and literally marks them for life (you'll understand when you read it). But add to this that now Em can see and speak to the ghost of Joe, the lovely boy she found washed up on the beach who died in front of her while clinging to her hand.
In a coma, he speaks to her, seeming to wake up, but he doesn't. Eerily this happens again with old man Grimshaw not long after, and he repeats the same strange event. Spooked, the sisters don't know what to do, but Joe the ghost is certainly friendly and fun. And explaining how they suddenly have tattoos to their parents is a hurdle they don't want to jump, especially as they can't explain how it happened.
Then life throws them in the deep end, they're off to London for work experience and instead discover their destiny while losing Josiah (the ghost). This is an epic adventure which I could not stop reading. Literally from page 2 I was in this hook line and sinker. I loved the bad guys, the graveyard antics, the talking dead, the superpowers of the kick-a** ninja chicks, and the rite of initiation the sisters go through.
This book is packed with twists, emotion, adventure, and some cute guys. There's no escaping your destiny, the Morgan sisters find this out the hard way while trying to save Joe, the ghost they feel responsible for. Paranormal adventure has never felt so real and authentic. This could be happening right now and you would accept it because this urban fantasy is that realistic."
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