Teaser Tuesday: Diary of a Single Parent Abroad


Teaser Tuesday is where I post a teaser from a book I'm either currently reading or from a book I love. This week, it just happens to be both as I'm reading a fabulous book by Jill Pennington, entitled Diary of a Single Parent Abroad...
When Jill and her family moved to Italy she expected life to change but she had no idea how massive that change would be. Shortly after the move, she discovered her husband had been having an affair and had no intentions of staying in Italy.
Despite being in a foreign country with no income, limited language skills, a house that needed rebuilding and three young children to care for, she never once considered returning to the UK. With strength and determination she accepted any challenge, dismantling a derelict house to ground level, digging out a three metre deep well with her hands to get free water and overcoming her fear of the chainsaw to cut the winter wood. When there was very little money for food she made risotto with nettles collected from the roadside. She overcame many problems, learned new skills and discovered that money is not important, the only things in life that matter are health, happiness and her children.
Jill's story is delivered with an ever present hint of humour because, as she says, 'Without laughter life wouldn't be funny'.

Kindle Teaser
It's a fantastic book that I highly recommend. You can get your copy here.

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