Daisy Madigan's Paradise is now FREE on Amazon!


Finally, I can announce that Daisy Madigan's Paradise is FREE on Amazon!
Daisy Madigan's Paradise is a Morgan Sisters novella
When tragedy falls upon 15 year old Daisy Madigan, she escapes to the only place she feels safe, the cemetery of Abney Park. There, in the company of the dearly departed, she realizes she is changing, growing stronger and faster by the day. But in the darkness lurks a terror even she can't imagine facing.

She could feel it in the air, the sensation that she wasn't alone in the cemetery. And it wasn't the ghosts or the animals in the undergrowth. This was different. Her senses on full alert, Daisy was cautious to make little noise as she walked slowly and carefully through the gravestones, past the sleeping lion and beyond the numerous headless statues of angels that were scattered among the trees.
When she heard a howl, she stopped dead in her tracks and listened intently, her eyes skimming the area all around. The howl was followed by laughter, and not the fun kind. She knew immediately that she was dealing with a group.
Her first instinct was to run but, not knowing which direction they were coming from, she climbed the nearest tree. Seconds later, she sat on a heavy branch, barely breathing.
She'd never even realised she was capable of climbing trees and to do so at such speed shocked her. But she didn't have time to think about that, she knew those people in the park were bad news and she didn't want them to catch her.
Silently waiting, she barely took a breath as she watched the group grow nearer. There were four men, three women and two incredibly large dogs. As they approached, Daisy bit her lip. They weren't dogs. They were wolves and they were on to her scent, sniffing all around the area.
Fortunately, they seemed to lose interest and neither of them looked upwards.
Daisy Madigan's Paradise is a FREE Morgan Sisters novella. Get your Amazon copy here:
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The first full length novel in the series is entitled The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw and is available for just $2.99


  1. Wow, Suzy. I am just loving this one!! Gorgeously eerie and even enticing. Nice!

  2. Oh, and I forgot. I am in LOVE with your new look!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not sure what happened with amazon.ca and Kindle but I'm going to buy this novella and Raven. I love the premise of Daisy Madigan's Paradise and know it's something I'll fall in love with - I mean who can't love a book with a cemetery on the cover? I can see myself being very content curling up with any/all of your books. Do you have a recommended order that they be read in?

    BTW, I love your covers.

  4. Thank you so much, Sheri! I'm delighted with the new look and the new covers! :D

    Melanie, thank you so much! Raven was my very first book so perhaps you'd like to read that first? But bear in mind, being my first book, my writing style has improved a lot since then!!


    1. I'll keep that in mind when I start reading Suzy! See you here on the 24th!


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