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I'm absolutely delighted to be a part of Elizabeth Seckman's Healing Summer Blog Tour. Elizabeth has written a special post using my prompt 'do you believe in ghosts?' So read on and be sure to check out Elizabeth's fabulous new book!

Do I believe in ghosts?
Of course!
There are memory ghosts…you know, those little fragments of our history that turn to full blown remember whens after a little nudge from a subtle clue. A whiff of play dough takes me back to child hood so swiftly and distinctly it’s almost like time travel.
Then there are the ghosty-ghosts with the rattling chains that go boo in the night.
Do I believe in them?
At my brother’s funeral, my cousin, Val, couldn’t be consoled. My brother was a life-long atheist. Val is a devout Christian, and to the devout, there is one way into Heaven…by acceptance of Christ. Poor Val was a mess. I told her not to worry, my brother was baptized at the end (he had cancer, so he had to face death in the eye). But Val kept worrying...did he mean it? In his heart, did he accept Christ? She told us that during her last conversation with him, he told her not to worry, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck.
Val wailed, “But what does that mean?”
My sisters and I had no clue. She wanted to know if he was a Christian and he was talking to her about ducks? Was it the heavy pain meds? End of life delirium?
Poor Val was near shaking. She told us if she only had a sign…anything that would assure her he was safe, saved, and in the kingdom. We sat like we were made of stone. What the heck could we say?
Then in the still quiet of the funeral home, my sister’s phone rang. The first ring was a chime, but then as she dug through her purse it started to quack. So we sat there watching this phone ring, “Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.”
Val let out a guffaw and a “Praise Jesus.”
To this day she swears it was a sign.
I swear there is more to this world that we can see and I won’t ever rule anything out.
Elizabeth will be posting a link to every stop on the blog tour on my blog tour page (link below) be sure to check out the posts throughout the month and vote on your favorite by commenting on the page!

Maybe Love, Not Time, Heals All Wounds
Ditched at the altar…biopsied for cancer…Mollie Hinkle is having a bona fide bitch of a summer. When life sucks so hard it takes your breath away, what's a girl to do? Pack a bag, grab a few friends, and leave the past and the worry in the rear view mirror. What wounds can’t be healed by a drive across the Heartland, where quarter flips at cross roads determine the route and the future? All roads lead to Craig, the second son and bad boy of the haughty Coulter line. Has fate brought her to the miniscule Montana town to find happily ever after or will it just break her heart?
“Healing Summer” is the second book in the Coulter Men Series.

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  1. The quacking would definitely freak me out. :)

    1. It still makes me scratch my head! And I'd never call it coincidence because it comforts too many people.

  2. You know, I absolutely agree with there being something more out there. And the quaking ring tone is an excellent sign.

    1. The timing couldn't have been more perfect...I will say that!

  3. spooky, elizabeth! and congrats on book #2 in this series! you're good!

  4. Hi Suzy! Love your avatar at the top!

    That's cool about the quack. SOunds more like the Holy Ghost than a spooky one tho.Honestly, I hate the thought of spirits trapped in this world watching our every moves. Such an invasion of privacy! lol

    1. Excellent points on all counts PK! The Holy Ghost is the only spirit I want hanging in my atmosphere.

  5. Hey, Suzy, Elizabeth!

    That was a great question! And honest to Jesus, Elizabeth, your answer gave me chills, not spooky chills, but in awe of God chills. I'm gonna believe that God wanted to comfort poor Val and while doing so, he also showed you guys His awesome sense of humor. Love it!

    1. Val was definitely NOT going to be assured by any of us humans. And she'd just lost her mother in a tragedy and she was in such a bad place. She needed a lift...and she got it!

  6. Thanks for popping by and commenting, everyone! Elizabeth is such a star, isn't she?

    1. You're a sweetheart Suzy! Thanks for having me over. :)

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