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I was recently approached by children's book author and illustrator, Randa Handler, who has just released a couple of charming books for the little ones, Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 1,
Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 2: What's Up With Mike?
and If I Were King.

I've had the pleasure of reading two of the books and I must say, they are absolutely charming. My favourite is all about the tiny Cubbie Blue and his even more tiny dog, Dot, who hail from a very special place in Antarctica. I just know that children all over will fall in love with these little characters! Here's some info about the first book and the links to buy them all.
Three multiracial seven-year-old boys with varied backgrounds befriend a super wise visitor from an enchanted part of Antarctica, tiny Cubbie Blue and his minuscule dog Dot, who have accidentally landed in their hometown. Even though Cubbie is only three inches tall and therefore appears vulnerable, he has supernatural powers. He can read minds, make himself invisible, or stop time when needed. He also has the uncanny ability to only see things in a positive light.
Throughout the series, this new friendship leads to important discoveries for both the boys and Cubbie. They fly over cities in a magical bubble and explore realms near and far, Cubbie and Dot learn the true meaning of friendship and how to solve small and big problems while feeling protected in their scary new environment. The bond between them proves that sometimes unlikely allies are found among beings who seem to have the greatest differences. The tiny creatures are effective vehicles for conveying subtle messages, about rights and wrongs within the frame of an exciting and entertaining story.
For more information about Randa's books, visit The Spirit Bear Coalition website
Premier Digital Publishing are currently offering one of Randa's ebooks free for 20 days!

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