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I subscribe to a number of fellow indie authors blog posts, because I love reading about all their latest news. Melissa Pearl is one such author (she's such an awesome gal) and today I read with interest her post on Indie Life. Indie Life is a monthly post created by Indelible Writers where a wide variety of indie authors write about anything indie related. It should be a super way of learning how we indies do it, what inspires us, the ups and downs of the job, the joys and the heartaches, etc. I've decided to sign up and will post every second Wednesday of the month. I'm looking forward to sharing with you, as well as reading up on all my fellow indies.
I've literally just made a start on my fifth novel which will be independently published. It's the second full length novel in The Morgan Sisters series and, to be honest, I should have started it back in December. But, with Christmas and then a fabulous holiday in England, I just couldn't face writing. Okay, maybe it wasn't that I couldn't face it as such, it was more that I wasn't sure what to write.
Usually my mind is full of ideas but it was kind of a blank. I've put it down to the fact that I'm so excited about something else huge that's happening in my life at the moment. We're selling up in Portugal and planning to move back to England. Our house is officially on the market and I just can't wait to get moving. So please keep your fingers crossed for me that the house will sell soon!
Anyway, with deadlines looming (I've given myself a deadline of April 20th to have the first draft written), I forced myself to start writing today. As is usually the case, the moment I typed Chapter 1, the words began to flow so I don't know what I was worrying about!! And on that note, I guess I should get back to my manuscript, shouldn't I?
In the meantime, if you're curious about my house - or if you're looking to buy in the Algarve (!) - then have a look here. Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of Raven here and your FREE copy of Daisy Madigan's Paradise here. Check out all the other fabulous indie authors right here:


  1. Welcome to the group! Yes, those self-imposed deadlines will become your 'magic Indie wand'. Just wave it and POOF you'll be writing away. :-)

  2. I didn't write a word on a novel from November until two days ago. I have to be able to have time to obsess...and the holidays are NOT the time. Glad to hear you're writing something new. I really enjoyed "Raven" and I have Daisy Madigan on my kindle and waiting it's turn!

  3. Thank you for the FREEBIES.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Found you through the Indie Life.

  4. Wow! Your fifth novel. That's great. I have Raven but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Good luck with making your April deadline.

  5. I'm finding self-imposed deadlines to be really helpful! Good Luck with your move…they always make me tilt a bit:)

  6. Heidi, K.A, Shelly, Elizabeth, Aurora & E.J thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.
    I'm looking forward to being a part of Indie Life and super excited about the eventual move :D


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