#AtoZChallenge: A is for Ancestors


Okay, so it's the very first time I've ever taken part in any of these challenge thingamajingies but it should be good fun! The A to Z Challenge features bloggers from all walks of life posting about everything and anything every day (except Sundays) during the month of April. Considering I'm in the middle of edits for my sixth novel, this is certainly going to be a bit of a challenge but hey, life can never be boring can it?
So, as I'm a first timer, I'm not gonna have a theme (maybe next year) and as today is the first day of April naturally, we start with A (!)

Dick Turpin, a famous fictional highwayman
A is for Ancestors
Many years ago one of my uncles decided to do a family tree for us Greenwoods (yes, that's my maiden name). What he found out certainly makes for interesting conversation at dinner parties. As an English family, he discovered that one of our distant relatives was actually a highwayman! How cool is that? 
What's a highwayman? You might ask. Well, they're thieves who used to prey on the rich people travelling the country roads across Britain. Not a savoury character by any means, but fascinating, don't you think?
His name was Sammy Morton. In fact, I loved the name so much that I pinched it and used it in The Raven Saga trilogy (but not for a highwayman, I might add).
Have you ever traced back your family tree? Do you have any unsavoury characters lurking in your history? Don't forget to download Raven for FREE right here, and Daisy Madigan's Paradise, also FREE right here.


  1. It's so cool to hear about ancestors! I've been fortunate enough that some of my relatives have taken on that task!

  2. The name sounds "wild west" to me. I've done a bit of genealogy on both my and my wife's side for our children. There are indeed some interesting stories to be learned in the process.

  3. Thanks for stopping by guys! Let me know if you ever post about your own family trees! :D

  4. Great pitch. Similar to a Cinderella story in a sense, and so intriguing. I hadn't read much chick lit, though I used to be into Harold Robbins books back in the day, when I was way too young for it too. But you idea does sound like something to be finished. Good luck! Spunky's Soldier, A-Z Challenge Writer’s Mark

  5. Sometimes the right word is just the right word.

  6. Thanks Nancy! I've decided to get on with it this summer, at last!!


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