Indie Author Series: Pricing our ebooks


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Today, the YA Author Club is talking about how we decide to price our books - something that is crucial to gaining a good following. Personally, I prefer to keep my prices as low as possible so you'll find all my ebooks at $2.99 or less. In fact, I often make my books free. Currently, Raven, Daisy Madigan's Paradise AND The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw are free. Its a great way to create interest and so far I've literally had tens of thousands of downloads.
I don't believe in over pricing. If you do, you just risk alienating yourself from potential readers. Considering my books are aimed at teenagers, I want that precise group to be able to afford my books, you know what I mean?
So what about you? What do you think about ebook prices? At what price level do you say 'no thanks'?

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  1. Great post, Suzy! :D

  2. Pricing can be a tough call for many, but I think you're correct in pricing for the market you're targeting.


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