Indie Author Series: To Free Or Not To Free


I'm a huge believer in giving away ebooks for free. In fact I credit this marketing ploy with making The Raven Saga such a bestseller in the first place.
When I first started on this journey to become an indie author, it was tough, really tough, to get myself out there and find the readers I craved. However, after reading up on marketing tactics and so on, I figured I'd try the old 'loss leader' approach by giving away the first book in the series. Since then Raven has been downloaded probably well over 100,000 times! Cool huh?
Unfortunately, this hasn't had the same effect on my second series when I made both the novella (Daisy Madigan's Paradise) and the first full length book in the series (The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw) free. Although downloads are constant, they're nowhere near as many as for Raven. Its tough to know what to do next. I do have some ideas up my sleeve but work is so hectic at the moment, it's difficult to find the time to dedicate the right amount of time to everything! When I talk about work, I'm talking about writing, promoting my books AND blogging. Since creating my women's fiction blog, Fiction Dreams, I've barely had time to think!
It's becoming hugely popular what with my exclusive interviews with some of the top female authors out there including Joanne Harris, Paige Toon, Mangy Baggot, Amanda Egan, Jinx Schwartz, Lois Winston, etc. I've even got one with Gena Showalter soon!!!
I've also just launched my very first chick lit novel, Forever Fredless! Eeeeeeekkkkkk! But on that soon :)
In the meantime, pop on over to my colleagues at the Indie Author Club and find out what they think about going down the 'free' route!

1. Laura A. H. Elliott 

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