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I'm so excited to be a member of the fabulous new YA Storytellers and today is our very first Fun Friday!! If you pop on over to all our blogs, you'll find some creepy excerpts... how cool is that?
So you want creepy, do ya?
Hmmm What shall I give you a taste of?
How about this...

The Lost Soul (The Raven Saga)
The stench of something rotten filled the air as the man tried to lift his heavy head. Opening his eyes, it took a moment for them to adjust to the strange dull light of a new day. Wincing, he managed to hold his head up just long enough to notice the smell belonged to a rotting corpse to his side. He heaved, but there was nothing left in his stomach. He hadn't eaten in days. 
Weak, cold and hungry, he curled into a ball on the mossy ground and sobbed.
When he no longer had the strength to even do that, he stared up at the sky; the orange and yellow hues entwined in a rainbow effect as far as his eyes could see.
The only sounds that could be heard were his rough breathing combined with the gentle whooshing of the silver trees that surrounded the deep ditch within which he found himself.
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  1. I hadn't heard of this new group. Heading to check it out now... Sounds fab!


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