Never Sleep by Cady Vance


Never Sleep by Cady Vance
Publication date: March 15th 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Thora Green had a life once upon a time. But that ended the day her parents enrolled her in a sleep clinic prison. At the facility, her chronic months-long insomnia is observed by scads of doctors, but she is never actually treated for her dire disease. In a feat of desperation, Thora escapes for New York City. Buried deep in the city’s underbelly, there is rumored to be a secret haven called the Insomniac CafĂ©: a place where people like Thora can find relief.
As Thora joins forces with Aiden and Florence, two fellow insomniacs, their midnight quest will take them from the dusty bookshelves of The Strand, to the smokey underground clubs in the Lower East Side, to countless taxi and subway rides. Clues leading to their final destination are waiting for them at every turn. But so are Sleepers—a powerful core of sworn-enemies to all Insomniacs—who wish to see Thora and her friends destroyed at any cost.

I asked Cady, 'Does insomnia have some significance for you, personally?'

In Never Sleep, we meet Thora when she’s gone 127 days without sleep. While I’ve never experienced something quite so severe (since this is a sci-fi book after all!), sleep and I haven’t had a great relationship over the years, which is probably why I felt so drawn to the subject.
I suffer from fairly regular bouts of insomnia, usually when I’m stressed about something and usually when I’m absolutely exhausted. It never makes sense to me, feeling drained of energy but being wide awake at the same time. Then comes the heavy elephant sitting on my eyeballs, the headaches, the blurry mind. The physical side effects of insomnia are no fun at all. Thora experiences all of this, but she handles it much better than I do. The insomnia just feeds back into my stress. The longer it sticks around, the harder it is to get rid of.
But on the flip side, I love being awake when the world is asleep. I just wish it was on my own terms after a full night’s sleep instead of a few captured snoozes here and there. There’s a strange energy about experiencing the world in the late hours, and it’s the same kind of energy New York City has at night. The streets feel alive. And strangely, my insomnia didn’t strike as often when I lived in New York. It may be the city that never sleeps, but it did help me sleep more soundly.
So, it made sense to me for Thora to search for her cure in the one place I’ve slept best, when she’s literally dying to find a cure for her chronic insomnia. If the city helped me sleep, surely it would be the place Thora would find relief! It’s not as easy as that though, and I won’t spoil whether or not she finds what she needs! :)

Cady Vance is the author of YA and NA speculative fiction. After growing up in small-town Tennessee, she decided to embark on a grand adventure by packing up her bags and moving to NYC. Now, she studies for her PhD in the UK and dreams of seeing the universe.

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  2. This sounds like a really interesting concept for a book. I will give it a try :) And I hope your insomnia will get better or that you can at least enjoy your time awake at night!


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