L is for Love #AtoZChallenge


This year my A to Z Challenge is all about wellbeing - something I'm particularly passionate about. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even the wellbeing of my business, I'm passionate about it! Today it's all about LURVE :D

Life without love would be unbearable. I don't just mean love for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, I mean love for all things. Love for your family, friends, your home, your pets, the things you own. Love for yourself.
I got you on that last one, didn't I? So many people don't have enough love for themselves and it's so important to love who you are as a person. Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life (my all time favourite self-help book) focusses on the need to love yourself to be able to move on in life and to be completely happy. So take some time today to really look at yourself and to start accepting that you are amazing and you should love yourself for that.

I particularly LOVE travelling and being silly with my gorgeous hubby...


  1. You are so right that you have to love yourself! When I was younger I thought that I was somehow "not lovable" not even by myself because you know, someone broke up with me and things like that. And then I realized that this is a stupid thought: just because someone broke up with me, doesn't mean that anything's wrong with me. Loving yourself is so important and really the basis of loving someone else or being loved by someone else! Thanks for including self-love into this post!

  2. And you've made my day. Yes, it's tough to love all, even tougher to love yourself when you have such negativity inside of you. But if you love yourself, everything falls in place. Like they say, love yourself first, then only can you spread love!!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Thank you Sunita and Lancelot for stopping by and sharing the 'love' - it's so important today to love yourself :D


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