What do I really want?


The last couple of days have been blissfully warm with the most beautiful azure skies and countless birds chirping away in the garden.
The Algarve is, undoubtedly, a lovely place to be in the Spring. Yesterday we drove down to the nearby harbour where we sat and drank strong coffee while we watched boats amble along in the (slightly murky) water. The weekly cruise liner / ferry was in on its way to Madeira. Afterwards we took a little stroll along the water's edge, watching a load of locals cycling on a pathway which had been created for just that.
It really was a lovely morning. When we returned home, we spent the rest of the day lazing around, reading, chatting, just enjoying the warmth of the sun on our skin.
The temperature was around 23 degrees. We wondered what the weather was like elsewhere so we checked out the iphone app. With Canada being the top of our list of places to move to, we check that out first... Banff -5, Whistler 4, Vancouver 7 (with rain), Ottawa 0, Toronto 4 (with rain), Moncton -9 and Halifax -5!
Well... it kind of put a bit of a downer on things. I know we've always said that we love the cold weather, but imagining that we couldn't enjoy a day like yesterday at this time of year got me thinking... what do I really want? It's a tough question, but a question I need to sort out in my head nonetheless.

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  1. FYI Suzy, Vancouver was a positively sweaty 13 degrees yesterday without a cloud to be seen. I only wore three layers!


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