C is for Cider Vinegar #AtoZChallenge


This year my A to Z Challenge is all about wellbeing - something I'm particularly passionate about. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even the wellbeing of my business, I'm passionate about it! Today it's all about the strong stuff.... cider vinegar :D

My husband is positively dotty about this stuff. He loves it! His enthusiasm has rubbed off onto me a little bit because I find myself craving it every now and again myself. The best way to drink it is to put about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass. Fill with water (room temperature) and add a little honey to your taste. I like about a dessert spoon of honey because I have a sweet tooth. Mix until the honey has dissolved and drink. Mmmmmm it's super good and super healthy.
Vinegar, you say, healthy?
Why yes... super healthy!
You want to get hold of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar that contains “mother,” which are strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria which are believed to have a variety of health benefits including:

1. Helps detox
2. Helps your body get rid of candida
3. Helps you lose weight
4. Helps with diabetes and sugar control
5. Ais digestion
6. Help curb appetites
7. Protects your health
8. Kills bacteria so helps fight infection
9. May help reduce the risk of cancer
10. Lowers cholesterol levels
11. Helps control arthritis
12. Used as a rinse, can help hair become glossier

Are they enough reasons to make you want to try the strong stuff?


  1. Usually I cook with cider vinegar, I've never had just a tall glass of it! OK, mixed with water and honey but STILL! How often do you drink it? Is it a once a day thing?

  2. My parents taker a spoonful every day. I try, but the taste is so bad.

  3. It sounds really great. I think my friends made me something the other day and used cider vinegar. I need to get the recipe!

  4. Heather - yes! Once a day is perfect.
    Stephen - you do get used to it but only if you dilute it with water and add honey lol!
    Ooh, S.L - do share when you get it!
    Namaste folks :D

  5. I haven't found a cider vinegar that I can have that doesn't have gluten in it. I forget what the problem was with the one I had, but now that you are reminding me of all of the benefits I am going to explore further to see if I can start doing this again. Thanks ;)

    1. OMG Nicole! I had no idea that some of them have gluten in them! That's shocking... why oh why do they put gluten in it?? It's bizarre! I have gluten intolerance... I can eat it but if I have too much, I suffer. Luckily, it's only an intolerance and not an allergy. I feel for you. I hope you can find a decent one.
      Namaste :)

  6. ACV is probably the best hair detangler on the planet. Works better than any store-bought detangler I've ever purchased. And I've heard it's great for weight loss, too. It's good stuff.

  7. Oh that's not something I would have thought to done. I've used it in cleaning and deodorizing though :) Oh and cooking. Might have to try that one day. Funny how other people's tastes wear off on us like that :)

    Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

    1. Hi Anna! It is funny isn't it? I've heard of deodorising with vinegar - we often put it out in a dish if we've had a curry and the smell if still hovering throughout the house! Thanks for stopping by :D


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