Review: Who is Mackie Spence? by Lin Kaymer


Who is Mackie Spence?
Author: Lin Kaymer
Published by Merit Press

Jeremy's friend, Mackie Spence, seems different. She doesn't act like the same person he's grown up with all his life. And Jeremy would know. In the last year, he's paid close attention, as that funny little girl suddenly turned into a knockout. But now something is beyond weird. He didn't see much of Mackie during the summer that followed her near-drowning incident. But it's September, she's back at school, and Jeremy can't explain the changes in her. After all, he's a jock who understands science and math, not girls like Mackie. Still, when both of them volunteer at the wild animal shelter, he sees how huge, wounded birds calm to her touch. And that's just the beginning. When Jeremy, who's falling hard for Mackie, starts to feel protective of her, keeping an eye on her as she makes her way through the woods and coves of the small Puget Sound island where both of them grew up, he sees things he finds hard to believe. Mackie is still Mackie, but she's also someone beyond normal human experience. So who is she? Or...what is she? How can Jeremy protect Mackie from her fate? Should he even try, or is he interfering in something so big and so ancient that it doesn't even have a name? And while he may love Mackie, is he going where mere mortals are forbidden? To save the girl he loves, Jeremy must solve puzzles that will not only change his future, but the way he understands life, forever.

My Review
Quite an unusual evocative novel with a charming mythical undertone throughout. I had some issues with the first person narrative in that the main character seemed quite a bit younger than his actual age. I also found the mythical epilogue quite odd - I would have put that at the beginning of the book as a prologue. It just didn't quite work for me at the end.
Having said that, as a whole I enjoyed Who is Mackie Spence? It was very easy to read and kept me eager for the action - which there wasn't actually very much of, but the relationship between Mackie and Jeremy was so sweet that it made up for it. 
Something I was particularly fond of throughout the book was the author's knowledge of sick and injured animals which came through strongly during Jeremy's and Mackie's volunteer work at the animal shelter. (I loved Number 26!) and I must commend the author's beautiful description of Puget Sound - reading the book really made me want to visit! 
All in all, a charming book for young adults.

Lin Kaymer is deeply attached to the wildlife of Puget Sound. Lin worked as a graphic designer and newspaper columnist. She loves to write during the rainy months of the year. Her favorite writers include Charlotte Bronte, Alexandre Dumas, Ruth Ozeki, Charlaine Harris, and Studs Terkel.
To learn more visit Lin's website.

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  1. I think I will have to give this one a pass because I am nto a fan of a young writing style or when the character comes across as immature due to the voice in spots. But it does sound like the other aspects of the book were good!


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